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Protect Yourself from Tax Identity Theft
Adam M. Levine

Tax identity theft is a serious problem, and is only getting worse. This article provides information on the number and types of tax identity fraud incidents as well as tips for avoiding becoming a victim. For those whose identity is stolen, the article explains how to limit the damage.


Paying for College: How to Avoid Costly Financial Aid Mistakes
Dan Newman

This short article provides pointers to help parents of college-bound students avoid mistakes and maximize amounts when applying for financial aid. Tips involve filing the right forms, prioritizing schools and knowing who is responsible for submitting applications when parents are separated and divorced.


Combining Charitable Remainder Trusts and Life Insurance

Because the estate tax exemption currently tops $5 million, fewer people need life insurance to provide their families with the liquidity to pay estate taxes. But life insurance can still play an important part in your financial plan, particularly in conjunction with charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) and other charitable giving strategies.


Three Benefits of Donor-Advised Fund Giving
Peggy Vyborny

A donor-advised fund (DAF) comprises contributions made separately and independently by individual donors. The fund maintains legal control of the contributions, and donors retain advisory privileges regarding investments and fund distributions. This brief article examines how DAFs can be particularly beneficial for charitable-minded, high-income individuals.


How Does Divorce Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits?
Frank L. Washelesky

One of the challenges of planning for retirement is that an unexpected event, such as divorce, can dramatically change your retirement income needs. If you were counting on your spouse’s social security benefits to provide some of your retirement income, what happens now that you are divorced? This blog examines the effects.

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