Risk Mitigation/Insurance Reduce stress with risk management

One of the cornerstones in building an integrated financial strategy is to manage risks that can significantly impact your current lifestyle and long-term goals. Managing risk can take many forms from establishing emergency funds to weather temporary financial setbacks, prudent investment strategies that consider tax and other risks in a holistic way, and insurance strategies that can transfer financial risk to an insurance company.

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Whether your situation is complicated by family, tax or other concerns, we can help you navigate and develop advanced risk mitigation and transfer strategies as part of a holistic financial plan designed to meet your goals and protect you and your family.

  • Insurance policy review
  • Wealth replacement strategies
  • Life insurance planning
  • Disability insurance planning
  • Long term care planning
  • Estate liquidity planning
  • Asset protection planning


James V. Petitpren, II
Executive Private Wealth Advisor & Chief Investment Officer

Luke M. Schillo
Director of Planning and Portfolios

Alexandra A. Coquoz
Private Wealth Analyst

Frank L. Washelesky, CPA, JD, CVA, PFS
Chief Compliance Officer

Risk Mitigation/Insurance

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Forward Thinking