ORBA Wealth Advisors offer a range of asset management services that are designed for all levels of risk tolerance. Whether you are looking for wealth preservation or wealth accumulation strategies, our planning-based process delivers a custom portfolio suitable for families with different income needs, planning goals, tax considerations and risk tolerances.

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Our portfolios are designed for clients with needs that require creativity, collaboration, and communication.  We believe in using well thought out and well diversified strategies to manage every aspect of our client’s wealth. No matter how large or small, every client receives our firm’s best thinking to control risk and exploit opportunities in the market.

  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) geared to you
  • Asset allocations based on your IPS
  • Passive and active investment strategies
  • Corporate stock options planning
  • Tax efficient investment strategies
  • Socially responsible investment strategies



James V. Petitpren, II
Executive Private Wealth Advisor & Chief Investment Officer

Luke M. Schillo
Director of Planning and Portfolios

Alexandra A. Coquoz
Private Wealth Analyst

Asset Management

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Message from Managing Director Mark Thomson
Over the past two weeks, I have watched the many peaceful protests across the City of Chicago, our local communities and across the nation. People of all backgrounds are speaking out against the continuing injustice against people of color, specifically Black people.

Forward Thinking
Forward Thinking