American Endowment Foundation (AEF)

Founded in 1993, American Endowment Foundation (AEF) fills a unique role as America’s largest independent donor advised fund program – a national, public charity.

Since its founding in 1993, AEF’s donors and their advisors have appreciated its independence from any sponsoring financial services firm or charity. The only people or organizations that benefit from donor advised funds at AEF are the donors, in partnership with their advisors, and the charities that donors support through their donor advised fund.

  • AEF accrues no benefit from brokerage services or product sales, and never charges commissions or finder fees
  • AEF does not sell proprietary financial products or services
  • AEF does not provide financial, tax, or legal advice

Our independence gives us the ability to offer a conflict-free platform for your charitable giving – free of agendas (programmatic, geographic, religious, investment, or succession). Our independence also allows us to singularly focus on what we do best – deliver highly personalized service and administration.

As stewards of these meaningful assets, we at AEF adhere to these central principles:

  • We believe transparency, communication, and accessibility are our clients’ core rights
  • We team with our clients and their professional investment advisors to foster the most satisfactory experience
  • We seek to help our donors create an enduring legacy
  • We commit to maintain uncompromising independence

AEF provides highly personalized service to donors and their trusted advisors, offering great flexibility in accepting different types of simple and complex assets. Additionally, AEF uniquely offers open investment architecture and at the donor’s recommendation, AEF can enable their donors’ wealth advisors to manage the investments in their clients’ fund accounts on their preferred custodial platform.

Unlike donor advised funds sponsored by charities with a specific mission or a regional focus, AEF offers the ability for donors to give to all U.S. charities. Through their fund at AEF, donors can still make grants to their local community foundations or other charities that have their own donor advised fund offering. Partnerships with CAF America and GlobalGiving enables us to support select overseas organizations. Unlike commercial donor advised fund programs, offered by banks, brokerages and commercial mutual funds, AEF does not sell investment and financial products.

AEF’s true independence and innovative, tax-smart solutions offer donors and their families greater flexibility for their charitable giving while enabling them to simplify their giving and multiply their impact.

Forward Thinking
Forward Thinking