James V. Petitpren, II

James V. Petitpren, II
Executive Private Wealth Advisor & Chief Investment Officer

P 312.670.6227 | F 312.858.5950

As the Executive Private Wealth Advisor and Chief Investment Officer at ORBA Wealth Advisors, James leads the wealth advisory team in developing, coordinating and providing resources to assist our clients in reaching their goals.

James coordinates the firm’s portfolio strategies, planning strategies and resources to ensure that clients are receiving custom solutions that enhance their goals-based planning needs.

In the 20 years prior to partnering with ORBA Wealth Advisors, James held positions at well-established financial institutions in the wealth management role. His career began as an Investment Associate with Merrill Lynch, moving on to become an Investment Advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, then Vice President – Wealth Strategist at Northern Trust, and most recently as a Private Wealth Director at BMO Private Bank.

Working inside two of the oldest global banks, Northern Trust and BMO, and two of the world’s most influential investment banks in Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, James gained knowledge and experience managing money for generational wealth – the “Wisdom of Wealth” – with a lens on investment excellence – “Investment IQ”.

Unlike many Wealth Advisors, James also worked outside the financial sector for six years in the area of electrical, electronic and embedded engineering product development. This sabbatical from banking forever changed his perspective on managing wealth because he was able to experience living life through the lens of the client. James feels it is his personal responsibility to make sure that the individuals, families and corporations who entrust him with their wealth creation story receive great counsel and service when working with an advisor on their growth, capital preservation and transfer planning.

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